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two crocheted baskets with the text face pads and basket crochet pattern
Face Scrubbie Pattern & Basket Set - Burgundy and Blush
Cement ideas that are so cool.
the letters are made out of cement blocks and then put together to spell out numbers
3. Bloggeburtstag & euer Wunsch in Beton (Gingered Things)
Zack! Bum! Bang! Da ist es passiert... ich hab doch tatsächlich meinen eigenen (Blog)-Geburtstag verpennt. Am 22. war der Tag der sich nun schon zum dritten Mal für Gingered Things jährt und ich hab e
three stars are hanging from a branch and some other items to make them look like they have been made out of plastic
Estrellas de navidad con cemento
DIY Cemento Christmas Stars - Estrellas de navidad con cemento
several different shots of people working on furniture and making something out of concretes, including a stool
A Dependable Stool
Betong stol
there are many candles that have been placed in the trays and on the table
Fixa fint i trädgården - med betong
many buckets are stacked on top of each other and have metal forks sticking out of them
Home Depot Adirondack Chairs #YellowPatternedArmchair
there are three different pictures with the same object in them
DIY kruk van beton - Betonnen krukje zelf maken
DIY kruk van beton. Would love to try working with concrete some day
four pictures showing how to paint concrete with white and blue gloves on, including two buckets of ice cream
How to Make a Concrete Candle
Ett tips på hur du kan skapa en ljushållare med hjälp av gamla plastförpackningar. #DIY #concrete #älskabetong
two candles sitting on top of a table next to an object with circles around it
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a white candle sitting on top of a table next to two rocks and a wire basket
en liten titt....
three pictures showing how to make cement ball planters with plants growing out of them
Make a DIY Cement Balloon Planter | Easy Round Cement Planter Tutorial
Great tutorial for making planters, using concrete and a balloon. This tutorial works and is easy. Don't use concrete, use cement to make it easy. DIY planters. #cement #concreteplanter #diyplanter
two pictures side by side with candles in them and one has been made out of cement
three candles are lit on a small tray
DIY ljus- & vasfat i betong (Stinas tillvaro)
DIY ljus- & vasfat i betong
someone holding up a card with letters and numbers on it
Kid Friendly Stepping Stones
So have I have found my new love on the internet... pinterest. Have you heard of it? It is AMAZING! A place to organize all my recipes I fi...
three candles are lit on some stone coasters
betong ute och inne:
a rope is tied to the door handle on a concrete block in front of a black door
Maritime Deko-Ideen: Spiegel und Türstopper mit Tau | Wohnidee
Maritime Deko-Ideen: Spiegel und Türstopper mit Tau
the process to make a paper towel dispenser is shown in three pictures
Beton Deko gießen – DIY Küchenrollenhalter
Beton Deko DIY - Beton Deko giessen - so machst du dir einen Küchenrollenhalter aus Beton
candles and chocolates are on display in this collage, including an empty container
Diy - Hemma hos ErikaA-R på
two pairs of well - worn rain boots sitting on top of a stone slab
Skoborstar i betong