Aesthetic Capsule: UPA Style

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a series of vintage coca - cola advertising cards
Vintage Matchbox Labels - Yugoslavia
a cartoon character standing next to a giant fish
33 Chris Reccardi ideas | retro illustration, retro art, character design
two girls are looking at themselves in the mirror
6teen main girls
a cartoon character with a blue dress and headphones
Jenny Wakeman (XJ-9)/Machines and Weapons
Casual, Giyim, Model, Cute Outfits, Style, Outfit, Pretty Outfits, Cool Outfits, Moda
Y2K “sport babe” mini sporty halter dress... - Depop
an image of people in the ocean with surfboards and sunbathers on them
#stoked #6teen #totaldrama #totaldramaisland #canada #britishcolumbia #summer #surf #surfers #surfing #resort #reef #fin #broseph #emma #johnny #lo #surfaesthetic
two women standing in front of a pink wall with pictures on the walls behind them
three cartoon characters playing instruments on a stage
upa style - Google Search
the vandals - online super studio album cover art for their upcoming album,
the vandals internet dating superstuds - Google Search
an image of a cartoon character standing in front of a bull
the vandals look what i almost stepped in - Google Search