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an image of a cartoon character with the caption that says,'percy talking about
Percabeth_forever_and_ever12/IG, Tumblr and Here
a piece of paper with some writing on it that has been drawn to look like children's bathtubs
Percy Jackson in the bathtub as a kid... #gethimtochaseyou
an image of a cartoon character with the caption'i'm a big fan of perryljackson loved the movies '
Rising Waters//Book Two - New moon
#wattpad #fanfiction Percy Jackson/Twilight Crossover SEQUEL TO DANGEROUS WEATHER (I highly encourage you to read that before reading this.) Lily Jackson is back in Forks and it's a doozy. When the Cullens leave, Bella becomes a shell of her former self, while Lily deals with flashbacks and nightmares caused by events...
an email message with the words headcanon written in black and green on it - The World`s #1 Most Visited Video Chat Community
???????? #gethimtochaseyou
the text on the phone says,'percy jack's sondacanon '
an ad for headcanon on the back of a cell phone, with text above it
an advertisement with the words head canyon on it's back and side panels in different colors
O. M. G.
an image of some type of text with different colors and font on the same page
The first one: Crying of happens Second one: Same Annabeth, I had the same reaction
a poster with the words headcanon written in black and pink, green and blue
OH MY GODS MY HEART WHY FOR THE LOVE OF HADES *sniffle* it’s fine I never needed a heart anyway
three different colored papers with some writing on the bottom and one in pink, yellow and green
But it’s actually Jupiter that’s Jason’s dad, not Zeus<<<I think it still counts tho
the back side of a green and black poster
Awww😄 Where is my Percy or Leo? 😫
the text is in two different languages, and it appears to be from an old book
Leo! For the last time, it’s cheating when you set your hands on fire to cause the other person to quit!