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two hands holding flowers in the middle of each other's hands, with trees in the background
an orange bicycle parked next to a bench on the side of a road with other benches behind it
7 Days Theory
a person pouring something into a bowl on top of a wooden table next to apples
a woman with her hands painted white and black
Photo (HandCrafted In Virginia)
a woman carrying a christmas tree down a dirt road
a black and white photo of a woman covering her face with one hand while looking at the camera
Embodying Emotions Through Photography: In Conversation with Marcus Schaefer - IGNANT
the reflection of city lights in glasses is seen through them's lenses at night
blurry image of city lights at night from above, with buildings in the background
Nighttime in Tokyo: Photography by Takashi Kitajima
Illusion: Takashi Kitajima will stand on an observation deck of a high-rise building or on a pedestrian bridge to capture a stunning picture of Tokyo—from the Shinjuku Park Tower shown above to the Rainbow Bridge seen below. His pictures are artistic and poetic as they display an out-of-focus technique, which he calls “Extra Bokeh.” Photos ©....