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two desserts with strawberries are on a white plate
Nutella- och jordgubbsdröm
Nutella- och jordgubbsdröm
a potted plant on top of a table next to a wall with shelves filled with plants
A Potting Bench!
Potting bench my husband made from looking at a picture I found on Pinterest. marybethstimeforpaper
an outdoor area with potted plants and wood stacked on top of each other in front of a building
Gartenküche, Pflanztisch, Tresen oder einfach nur super cooles Multitalent DIY
Multitalent Gartentresen 13
a wooden deck with chairs and pillows on it
Sommarnöjen | Arkitektritade & nyckelfärdiga hus
Gillar verkligen golv- till takfönster i anslutning till balkong eller terass. Kanske kan även balkonger gå runt hörn
an outdoor patio with white walls and wooden steps
Trappsteg kan fungera som bänkar till #uteplatsen. Ha bara lite fina och sköna sittkuddar till hands. #lyckligtboende
an image of a garden with flowers and plants in it on the app store's website
Jennicas Rosa Liv
Jennicas Rosa Liv
a tree stump with some plants growing out of it
Trädgård - skötselråd, odling och plantering | Allas | Allas
stubbe kruka 15
a drawing of a tomato plant growing out of a water bottle with roots attached to it
Dry summer months. Use a bottle with holes to slowly water plants
an outdoor dining area with chairs, table and trellis on the side of a house
18 spaljéer och väggar som skapar rum i trädgården
Vägg och spaljé med ram i trä och vajrar
several potted plants are sitting outside on the ground next to a chair and table
Vit och Pastell
Boxwood and zinc