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a stone with an intricate design on it in the grass near some trees and bushes
Rune steen uit de Vikingtijd
an ornate wooden door with intricate carvings on it
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Technically the subject of this photo dates from 1212, therefore after the Viking age officially ended, however it shows the beautiful mastery of woodcarving stemming from earlier Viking traditions. The Vikings were known for their beautiful flowing artwork in which elongated animal forms twist and intertwine with one another, giving a sense of movement and life to an otherwise still carving.
an outhouse made from wood and grass on the side of a hill
NOVEL set in Viking Iceland - BEAUTIFUL WRECK
Viking Door.
a large wooden dragon sculpture sitting on top of a lush green field under a cloudy sky
Lore and Saga. The Living History Service for Education. Viking Ships
Norse Shiphead
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two old shoes are on display in a glass case
Viking artifacts from Denmark
Viking era leather shoes, from an historical excavation in Denmark.
an old pair of shoes that have been worn
Viking boots?
Viking boot, 10th century, Yorkshire Museum
an intricate carving on the side of a wooden bench
this is absolutely gorgeous...I would proudly display this in my home!
a rock with some writing on it in the middle of a field next to trees
Rune stone, Norra Stutby, Sorunda, Södermanland, Sweden
Rune stone, Sorunda, Södermanland, Sweden
an old wooden bowl with a horse head in it and writing on the side, sitting on a table
occultum diabolical
Viking bowl, my paternal grandparents actually had an old one of these brought to the states by their parents...
a carved wooden bench sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a lake
viking carving Wikinger Schnitzerei und Möbel Design by Reiner van Ophuysen Oseberg Style
a large stone with some designs on it
Sweden, Island of Gotland, Visby. Detail from Viking carved rune stones in the Historical Museum of Gotland