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a plate with a sandwich, pickles and tomatoes on it
Oumphröra - Zeinas Kitchen
Oumphröra - Zeinas Kitchen
a person is holding up a sandwich on a wooden table next to a gold cup
Underbart god äggsallad
Underbart god äggsallad - Saras Eviga
several different types of food on breads with lettuce, tomato, avocado and other toppings
How To Make Avocado Toast 10 Ways - Healthnut Nutrition
a white plate topped with lots of food next to a glass of wine and two bottles
Landgång LCHF
there is a piece of bread that has some food on it and garnish
Laxröra med potatis och ägg på pumpernickel
two grilled sandwiches stacked on top of each other with pickles next to them
Toast med gruyère och mangold | ELLE
ingredients to make pesto in a glass bowl on a wooden table with spoons
a wooden cutting board topped with sandwiches next to a glass of water
Vegetarisk smørrebrød - The Food Club
some food is laying out on a white plate
Beet and Celery Root Cake Smørrebrød with Herbed Skyr Sauce
a metal tray topped with slices of bread covered in toppings
Vegetarian Danish Lunch Smorrebrod Recipe - Tales of Belle
three pieces of bread with vegetables on them and a bowl of dip in the background
Vegetarisk smørrebrød - The Food Club
a cutting board with different types of food on it
Vegansk smørrebrød + opskrift på æggefri panering - Grøn livsstil og opskrifter med masser af grønt