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a house with grass and trees in front of it
Modern huis
a house that is sitting in the grass
a white brick house with black roof and windows
Wingene (BE) - Aspero A1003 DL50 (Ploegsteert) 2019 | Steenfabriek De Rijswaard
a brick wall next to a building with two windows on the top and bottom half
a house with a pool in front of it and an outdoor dining area on the other side
Modelwoning ABS Bouwteam terras achtertuin Home, Contemporary
Onze Woning - terras
Van een delicate voeg in de natuurstenen gevel tot actieve vrije koeling. Onze Woning ademt wat mogelijk is wanneer bouwpartners als bouwteam denken.
the house is surrounded by trees and bushes
Francisca Hautekeete – architect Gent
a black building with large windows on the side
a car parked in front of a building with a tree on the gravel lot next to it
Nuffelstraat (Heffen/Mechelen)
a small house sitting on top of a lush green field next to a body of water
Połączenie starego z nowym - Dom w Ligotce pracowni Kabarowski Misiura Architekci
an architectural drawing shows the interior and exterior of a house