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a set of stairs with illuminated steps leading up to the second floor in a house
the stairs are made of wood and have no railings
a wooden and glass stair case next to a wall
Stairs case's ideas
Stairs case's ideas
a close up of a wooden frame on a glass railing
Quebec home by MU Architecture responds to steep and rocky topography
an empty room with some stairs and a white table next to it on top of a hard wood floor
Apartment | Quincoces-Dragò & Partners
Apartment | Quincoces-Dragò & Partners
a wooden staircase with black railings and wood flooring
Gallery of Fairbairn House / Inglis Architects - 18
an image of a stair case with wood and metal railings on the bottom level
LOFT-portaat - Grado portaat
Detail in Grado LOFT stairs.
a wooden stair case sitting on top of a metal surface
Step House — Grey Griffiths Architects
a staircase with black and white stripes on the wall next to wood flooring in an empty room
Osborne Grove Preston - C Kairouz Architects