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a house with a metal roof and black sidings on the outside, surrounded by mountains
Stria™ Cladding | Horizontal & Vertical Cladding | James Hardie
a large kitchen with an island in the middle and lots of windows on both sides
Luxurious modern dwelling showcases backdrop of the Rocky Mountains
the instagram page on instagram shows an image of a living room and kitchen
Calcaire — Surround Architecture
a woman walking her dog in front of a house with black siding and wooden doors
19 Dark Home Exteriors That Dare To Be Different
a living room filled with furniture under a wooden roof
an image of a house made out of wood
Double House / Bokarev Architects
a house is shown in the middle of a field with water and mountains behind it
Build this 'Mountain Valley' Home on
a black and white house with large windows on the side of it's roof
Ohoka House
an outdoor covered area with plants and bushes
Snøhetta revamps The French Laundry restaurant with fritted glass extension
a small house with a metal roof in the woods
Scandi Home
Experience the epitome of modern Scandinavian design with this striking exterior. Light wood cladding contrasts against black-framed windows, embodying the perfect balance of style and functionality. Nordic style | Interior Design | Modern Architecture
a car is parked in front of a building with a metal roof and black panels
an image of a house that is designed to look like it has been built into the ground
a drawing of a house that is in the process of being rendered by an artist's rendering
Nieuwbouw woonhuis Berkel-Enschot Warande - Studio Slotboom