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a statue with trees growing out of it's face in front of a stone wall
Jungle Cruise Statues
♥️ ⋱‿ ❤️AnE LeeLA⋱SouL & HearT of LifE...Jungle Cruise Statues/Vines - decoration inspiration
an old tree growing out of the side of a building
Photo Stackz
B./V\j!s MoB'N"MoNdAy`z GMoR'N yAl JaVa fYX'N & oN IIc'N"..`;"eautiful Places -Angkor- the city of Ruins
an old building in the middle of a forest with many columns and trees around it
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
a buddha statue sitting in the middle of a lush green forest
she looks rather deVINE, wouldn't you say?
a very tall building with many steps going up it's side to the top
Wat Arun - Bangkok
Wat Arun Temple, Bangkok, Thailand
an old building with many spires in the background and a person walking by it
Bagan Pagodas - Burma
an ancient temple in india surrounded by rocks and palm trees with mountains in the background
Vijaya Nagara,India.Centuries-old temples and statues surround Hampi,making up what’s left of the once-powerful city
many large stone structures in the middle of a field
Tamples in Bagan #Myanmar
an ancient building with steps leading up to it
Baksei Chamkrong - Khmer is a small Hindu temple located in the Angkor complex in Cambodia. It was completed by Rajendravarman II (944-968)
the ruins of an ancient temple under a cloudy blue sky
Angkor Wat hotels and resort travel guide
Adventure # 2 in Cambodia - Angkor Wat
the face of an ancient statue is surrounded by trees
Faces of Bayon in evening light. by M&M Photo Tours, Inc. / 500px
-- Give me a year, Angkor. I'll be there. (Faces of Bayon, Angkor, Cambodia)
the face of a statue is surrounded by other statues
an ancient temple with statues and trees in the background
Banteay Srei, la Joya rosada de Angkor construida por mujeres
Banteay Srei, Angkor, Camboya