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a wooden barrel filled with water and flowers next to rocks in the grass near a pond
Allt om Trädgård
Jag blev inspirerad av en kvinna jag träffade på en konferens att göra en mini minidamm i trädgården. Är sugen på ett vattenblänk, men vi har inte tänkt bo kvar här mer än något år, så det känns inte som jag tänker lägga ner så mycket tid och pengar på det, men jag vill ändå ha något mer än ett fågelbad i år. Kvinnan jag träffade hade gjort dammen av en stor murbruksbalja med en liten pump i, och jag vill gärna ha lite inspiration. Har ni bilder och tips att dela med er av?
a small pond in the middle of a garden with rocks and plants around it, surrounded by greenery
11 små trädgårdsdammar och vattenfall som väcker vårkänslorna | Uterum | Expressen
Damm i trädgården
a wooden bridge over a small pond surrounded by greenery
Les 5 secrets d'un jardin japonais - Elle Décoration
Les 5 secrets d'un jardin japonais
a garden with water lilies and steps leading up to the pond in the center
80 Beautiful Backyard Ponds and Waterfalls Garden Ideas - crowdecor.com
Beautiful Backyard Ponds and Waterfalls Garden Ideas (79)
a heart shaped hole in the ground surrounded by leaves and flowers, with water running through it
Sommarsvalka för fåglarna – bygg ett fågelbad!
Hjärtformat fågelbad i betong
three different types of water plants in pots on the ground and in front of a pond
15 DIY Gardening Ideas On Budget
Gardening is an activity that is proven to have numerous benefits: it's a way to make your living space more beautiful, homegrown vegetables and herbs are healthier and safer to eat than those bought in store, working in the garden can be a form of exercise, and being in touch with nature improves your mental state. Gardening is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby, so how do you avoid it becoming a hassle and a part of your routine? This article will provide suggestions for DIY projects tha...
the garden pond is made out of rocks and water
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an outdoor fire pit made out of tires is shown in three different stages, including being used as a fish pond
Tutorial to Make a Pond with a Recycled Tire - 1001 Gardens
Tutorial to Make a Pond with a Recycled Tire - flowers-plants-planters
a large metal bowl filled with water surrounded by plants and trees on a wooden walkway
a small pond surrounded by rocks and grass
Japanese Gardening
"When the pools of perception are clear, everything appears 'as is." ~ Zen Proverb ♥ lis #JapaneseGarden
a garden with white flowers and green plants around a small pond in the middle of it
Intriguing ... with the white clematis and roses encircling the brick pavers and dark waters of the pond; laden with lily pads. #romantic gardens#azaleas#lily pads
several pictures of different types of landscaping
Ландшафтный дизайн. Самое интересное. - Садоводка
some water lilies are in a bowl on top of a pond with lily pads
Easy DIY Container Water Gardens
Easy DIY Container Water Gardens • Great tips, ideas and DIY projects! #Ponds #watergardens #watergardening
four different views of a garden pond
Small Koi Pond Design Ideas