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a person lighting candles on top of a table with plates and glasses in front of them
DUKA | Ta del av inspirerande dukningar & dukningstips
small desserts in glass dishes on a wooden table
Cheesecake i glas med passionsfrukt | Fredriks Fika
three wine glasses filled with dessert and strawberries on top of each glass, sitting next to limes
Cheesecake i glas med bär - Zeinas Kitchen
two glasses filled with ice cream and strawberries on top of a black table covered in sparklers
Nyårsdessert – snabbt och enkelt
toasted bread topped with tomatoes and parsley sits on a plate next to a glass of wine
Klassisk bruschetta med tomat och basilika
several glasses filled with food on top of a table
Recept.se - matinspiration till vardagsmat & festlig mat!
two spoons filled with food on top of a white table
10 tilltugg och förrätter att servera på sked | ELLE
a bowl filled with green vegetables on top of a table
Grönkålschips - se & gör
Best-Ever Bruschetta
there are four glasses on the tray with food and wine in them, one is filled with champagne
Festlig skagen i glas med lyxräkor, löjrom och dill
there are two desserts on the plate with silverware and spoons next to each other
there are many appetizers on the table ready to be eaten
6 goda tilltugg till nyårsbubblet
there is a pink candy lollipop and four glasses of champagne
6 lyxiga nyårsdrinkar med guld och glitter