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Artist of the Day: Ivan Freire Concept Art, Design, Character Design Animation, Creature Design, Character Design References, Rpg
Artist of the Day: Ivan Freire | Cartoon Brew
Artist of the Day: Ivan Freire
a cartoon character riding on the back of a lion
Dean, Characters, Cartoon Characters, Human
Shaky Hands
four different types of cartoon dogs with their mouths open and eyes closed, all in black and white
Michele Massagli
an illustration of a woman with horns on her head and green eyes, in pink background
a drawing of a girl with horns on her head
Featured Midjourney Showcase 2023 curated by ThetaCursed, License: CC BY-NC 4.0
a woman in a white dress with yellow flowers on her shirt and black shoes is standing
Two Styles of Girls illustrations
a drawing of a monkey holding onto a branch with a bird flying by behind it
Shoo fly - don’t bother me.
a cartoon rat with its mouth open and tongue out, looking like it's trying to
an orange cartoon character has its mouth open and is angry with it's eyes wide open
an animated man with different facial expressions and mustaches in various poses, standing next to a white wall
#14, Denis Spichkin
an image of cartoon dogs doing different things
Oi Dog! (Oi Frog and Friends)
Oi Dog!: Kes Gray, Claire Gray, Jim Field: 9781444919592: Books
the many faces of mario kart and luigi in super mario bros, which appear to be different
three toy figurines, one with a basketball jersey and the other wearing an orange hat
an animated image of two people on a sled and one is holding a cat
Character designs!, Ella Kremer
ArtStation - Character designs!
an image of cartoon characters with gifts on their heads and hands in front of them
three cartoon characters are standing next to each other and one is holding a cell phone
an animated character with horns and a hammer
Character designs!, Ella Kremer
an animated pig character with various expressions and poses, including the words unruly heros
AlexandreDiboine on X
a cartoon character wearing a black hat and purple outfit with yellow eyes, has an earring in front of his face
a woman with sunglasses on her head and arms crossed in front of a blue background
a drawing of a man holding a fishing pole
Stay ahead of the curve with Feedly AI
a cartoon cat in a suit holding a wine glass
the concept art for disney's live - action movie, ratty from madagascar
Character Design — Hollie Mengert Art
Character Design — Hollie Mengert Art
an animation character sheet for the animated movie, how to draw cartoon characters with pencils
The Wolfman
The Wolfman on Behance
a cartoon character holding a large knife next to another character with an odd look on their face
a cartoon basketball player with various poses and numbers on his body, including the ball
Short Pick of the Day: 'Go, Kid!' by Ruby Poon
an image of basketball players with different poses and numbers on their uniforms, including the number 23
a toy basketball player is standing next to a red and white ball on the floor
Be a Basketball Man
three cartoon girls with purple hair are smiling
a black and white drawing of a person on a skateboard in the air with their arms out
a black and white drawing of a person wearing a hoodie with a bag on his back
Hiro Hamada — The Art of Shiyoon Kim
a drawing of a person with a goat on their back
The Art of Raul Moreno Coslado
Bro, Derek, Comic Character, Retro Cartoons
a cartoon character with glasses and a beard is standing in front of the camera, wearing overalls
Typical Tyler - Animation Series Project