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an old window frame with a tree in the middle and four panes on each side
"Еще немного дерева в доме"
a framed tree is hanging on the wall
a wire sculpture on top of a wooden base
Accueil | monsite
a wire hand sculpture sitting on top of a wooden base
Wire Sculpture Hand
an elephant made out of wire sitting on top of a wooden stand with black background
Little Of Everything
an octopus made out of wire sitting on top of a wooden door with its arms and legs stretched out
Little Of Everything
an animal made out of paper with large wings
Breathtaking Wire Sculptures Capture the Fluidity of the Human Body
a basket hanging from the ceiling in a room
From The Barn To The Manor.....Decorating With Burlap
a person is holding a metal flower brooch in their left hand and it looks like they are made out of wire
How to Make Wire Flower Earrings Tutorials
an open book with a metal flower on it
a woman's stomach with a metal flower attached to the back of her belly
Huldas luffarslöjd, trådtjack, trådslöjd, luffararbete...m.m. - Luffarslöjd