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a man in brown pants and boots standing on the street with his hands behind his back
Bloggen er fjernet
skinnbroge based on Thorsberg (Norwegian Website) Beautiful embroidery and careful reproductions
an old pair of black shoes sitting on top of a table
A viking shoe from Oseberg ship burial, Norway by Bochum1805, via Flickr (better shot)
a man dressed in medieval armor and holding his hands on his hips while standing next to a stone wall
Paladin Armor Inspiration
a close up of a person wearing a chain mail
How to Make Chain Mail Armor from Start to Finish
How to Make Chain Mail Armor from Start to Finish « Metalworking
the diagram shows how to make a boat out of wood and wire, as well as measurements
The process of attaching the shield rim to the shield edge. By first marking out…
a wooden and metal circular object on a gray background
Viking Shield 3d Max
This is what I would like my Viking shield look like.
a piece of wood with leather straps attached to it
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Viking Shield
a piece of wood being used to make a craft project
Second Viking shield part 1
Build a shield
a wooden object with holes in the middle and a ball at the center, on a white background
Viking round shield: The sagas specifically mention linden wood for shield construction, although finds from graves shows mostly other timbers, such as fir, alder and poplar. These timbers are not very dense and are light in the hand. The size was usually 75 – 90 cm in diameter. (9th-century wooden shield)
a large wooden wheel with intricate designs on it's side in front of a chair
My Shield keeps the dumbasses away.😜
a carved wooden animal head sitting on top of a wooden post next to the water
an old wooden building with a cross on it's roof and fire pit in the foreground
­ (bloodvows) - Profile | Pinterest
Bramiel and Kurvak's property
a wooden chair with carvings on the back and seat, sitting in front of a black background
Viking Chair ~ a great space-saving chair for a Medieval home