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a tiger drinking water from a pond with it's head in the water and its mouth open
kylie francis
This is my favorite animal, he really deserves a place as king
a dog covered in snow sitting on the ground
Flickriver: "Just Golden Retrievers" (#1-Lovable Breed) 20 photos a day on pool
Dog+snow=happiness+a lot to clean up
two tiny white puppies being held in someone's hand
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If this only was the size of a real polar bear cub 😍
two birds sitting on top of a tree branch with white flowers in the foreground
They almost look like a bandit couple, planning to rob someone
a baby cow nursing from its mother on the ground
Awesome products designed by independent artists
I'll help you mom, don't worry!
a toucan bird sitting on a branch with moss growing all over it's body
Who you calling long nose? (Keel-billed Toucan)
three husky puppies sitting next to each other in front of a white wall and grey background
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My favorite dog 😍 just can't be mad at it
Ain't nobody making a coat of me!  (The icelandic sheep) Mule Deer, Manx, Oita, Icelandic Sheep, Sheep Breeds, Sheep And Lamb, Reykjavik, Weird Facts
50 Crazy Facts About Icelandic Sheep
Ain't nobody making a coat of me! (The icelandic sheep)
a small yellow bird perched on top of a green bamboo tree next to tall stalks
Ed Post
an eagle sitting in a tree looking at the camera
The symbol of freedom, bald eagle
an owl peeking out from behind a brick wall with the caption in spanish above it
Barn Owl by James Woodend / 500px
Ey, you! What u looking at? This is my house, now go, we all have other things to do!
two brown bears standing next to each other
Finding Neverland
Ey, come here. I'll share my salmon with u instead of those big bears over there
two small brown mice sitting on top of a tall grass plant with their noses to each other
An entry from Emilialua
Mini love, cutest kind of love