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two baby donkeys standing next to each other
What do you get when cross a donkey with a zebra? A zonkey of course!
A ZONKEY Named "Khumba"! Born at a Mexico Zoo in April 2014; Zoo officials say donkey-zebra mix is very rare. Dad was a donkey. She got her Mom's beautiful legs though! See article/more pics:
a zebra standing next to a baby zebra on a dirt ground in front of a fence
Can't Sleep? Here's One Thing You Haven't Tried Yet | The Weather Channel
A hybrid of zebra and a donkey plays with his mother at the Taigan zoo park outside Simferopol on Aug. 5, 2014. A Crimean zoo has welcomed into its collection a 'zebroid' or 'zonkey' after a zebra gave birth following befriending a donkey. (Yuri Lashov/AFP/Getty Images)
a close up of a zebra's face with the caption born in hawaii, zoo is the only known captive golden zebra in existence
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Wow. Beautiful.
two baby zebras standing next to each other
Zonkey And Zorse… They both have stripes…but they’re not the same…one is a Zonkey…and one is a Zorse…but what are they..?
a baby zebra standing on top of a dirt road next to trees and grass covered ground
donkeys | Donkeys :: Animal Facts :: Young People's Trust for the Environment
a baby zebra standing in front of a green barn door with the caption zonkey zebra + donkey
Cutest baby animals from around the world
Newborn baby zonkey. Italian. Half donkey half sneaky neighbor zebra!