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a display case filled with lots of different types of pastries
Food & Drink Day Tours | Intrepid Urban Adventures
Sydney is full of places boasting to-die-for sticky buns and pies. I tested them out, and came up with five Sydney bakeries you don't want to / can't miss.
the outside of a shop with wooden tables and chairs in front of it, along with potted plants
a man standing in front of a counter with coffee machines on it and an image of a woman behind the counter
Blanc céruse et patines - Turbulences Déco
Blanc céruse et patines | Salon de thé Poets Ode Handorf en Australie
a bakery filled with lots of food and drinks
very small coffee shop ideas, pictures
very small coffee shop ideas, pictures - Yahoo Image Search Results
the outside of a store with wooden tables and benches
This restaurant in Kiev is keeping it casual and natural
Design firm Brandon Agency together with interior designer Anna Domovesova have created Simple, a casual fast-food restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine.
the interior of a coffee shop with green tiles and shelves filled with food, drinks, and other items
Bilder & De Clercq | Amsterdam
a counter with some food on it and hanging lights in the back ground, behind which is a menu
newlyclark: Breakfast break. (at The Daily Harvest) (Britta Nickel)
newlyclark: Breakfast break. (at The Daily Harvest)
the inside of a restaurant with tables and benches
Story Coffee Shop // White Simple Interior
a man is behind the counter in a restaurant with lots of lights hanging from the ceiling
4 peaceful cafes in the middle of busy Bangkok
an overhead view of a kitchen with wooden flooring and white hexagonal tiles
via @kessara on Instagram
a bakery filled with lots of different types of food
a counter with many items on it in a room that has lots of shelves and windows
A Bakeri Grows in Greenpoint
Design*Sponge Tour of Bakeri in Greenpoint (Photos by Max Tielman)
a kitchen counter topped with lots of pastries next to a chalkboard that says if you can't stay take me away
a new week + a couple more things
Chalkboard and interior. Maybe include a quote of the day about bread or something else?
a bakery with chalkboard menus on the wall and shelves filled with pastries
I always love this clean and homey look to a cafe. Its they kind of place where you just want to sit back and relax. :)