Story Board: Love Spells for Locas

This YA novel is about three generations of women, three broken hearts, and one love potion that backfires.
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a collage of posters with people holding signs in different colors and sizes, including the words national whattum all 29 los angeles
How the Chicano Moratorium changed L.A.
Upon the 50th anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium, participants reflect back on the movement that changed their lives and L.A. culture forever.
an assortment of wooden drawers filled with spices
brown dress with white dots
La Curandera Story Board-spices like those used in novel
a woman in a long dress walking through the desert
Graciela Iturbide's best photograph: a Mexican Seri woman
Photograph by Gabriela Iturbide of a Mexican Suri woman.
a statue of a woman holding a basket
Oaxaca Black Pottery Mexico
Oaxaca Black Pottery Mexico | A little rabbit seems to be begging for a piece of that pineapple. This charming black pottery sculpture by a member of the famed Pedro family is displayed at the State Folk Art Museum in San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca, Mexico.
the words hyperion by john keats i poetry foundation are in white letters on a blue
Curandera by Pat Mora | Poetry Foundation
Curandera by Pat Mora | Poetry Foundation. This poem describes a curandera's life.
an old black and white photo of two women
Photo (NeoMexicanismos)
When performing a healing on someone the Curandera will often sweep the aura/energy field with sacred herbs and blow smoke on the individual....This can clear the negativity or entities that are causing the ailment.
a tree with white flowers in the middle of a dirt road near rocks and trees
a blue and yellow rabbit figurine reading a book with eyes closed, sitting in front of a white wall
Alebrijes are a Oaxacan folk art. Wood crafted animals, often fantasy like or caricatures, are depicted. This is the reading rabbit which I'd love to buy someday.
brightly colored fabrics are hanging on the wall in this shop, and there is no image here to provide a caption for
Oaxaca Market Mexico
Oaxaca Market is saturated with color.| Flickr - Photo Sharing!
three black vases sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other in front of a shelf
The famous black pottery from Oaxaca, Mexico More
there are two cups with oranges next to each other on the table and one cup has something in it
Orange Blossom tea known to alleviate anxiety.
three colorful hand - made items are sitting on a wooden surface, one has a heart and the other has two fingers
Collectible Mexican Folk Art for sale | eBay
Mexican Tin Milagros - SOLD SEPERATELY - Hands & Flaming Hearts Oaxaca Folk Art More
an aerial view of the ancient ruins and surrounding trees on a sunny day with clouds in the sky
6 Things You Must Do When Visiting Oaxaca
Oaxaca, Mexico - Click on the image to find the full list by of Ways to Explore Mexican Tradition! More
an assortment of wooden drawers filled with spices
brown dress with white dots
La Curandera Story Board-spices like those used in novel