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lavender flowers growing in pots with the words how to grow lavender from seed on them
Growing Lavender: Easy Tips For Garden, Container Gardening, Landscape- Bless My Weeds
Easy Tips for Growing Lavender. Pin now read next spring
a row of garden boxes filled with vegetables and flowers in the grass next to a house
Our Suburban Garden
Who has room for a garden? We have a small yard, with only a side-yard exposed to the sun. Using raised beds I've been able to cram a garden into a small amount of space. My only fear is that my neighbor might build a fence! (Then no more sun). So I just keep their view looking very neat.
the garden is filled with easy to grow vegetables | Start a Vegetable Garden: A Beginners' Guide for the Red Thumbed
A beginner's guide to gardening - no green thumb necessary. #gardening #beginner #diy |
a garden filled with lots of different types of flowers and plants growing inside of greenhouses
Glass Recycling for Greenhouse Designs, Garden Houses Built with Salvaged Wood Windows
salvaged wood windows and glass recycling ideas for greenhouse designs. What an awesome idea when replacing old windows in your home.
a person with red boots and a hat in front of a small white glass house
Växthus för pallkrage - Odling i pallkrage - Odlingsbehållare - Tillbehör - Klostra
a small window on the side of a wooden building with grass and rocks around it
A greenhouse just in time for Spring
A new addition to my workshop! We completed the greenhouse seedling boxes this weekend, just in time for Spring...
a wooden box sitting in the grass next to a building with an open lid on it
20 Creative Ways to Upcycle Pallets in Your Garden
Two ideas to try this spring: Use pallets to make a cold frame greenhouse. And upcycle pallets to build a compost bin with hinged gate.
three wooden planters with windows on the side of a house next to a tree
Average Person Gardening
When you dont have room for a full size greenhouse! Old windows on top of box frames. Movable, add wheels/handles
an open window on the side of a wooden building
Small Greenhouse Made From Old Antique Windows
small greenhouse made from old antique windows, diy, gardening, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects
three images showing how to propagate basil for ferments in glass vases
How to propagate basil from one singe plant!
how to grow sweet potatoes in the garden with pictures and instructions on how to use them
Grow your own sweet potatoes - Outlaw Garden
Grow Your Own Sweet Potatoes
how to grow a nectarine from seed in a glass jar with text overlay that reads, how to grow a nectarine from seed
How to Grow a Nectarine Tree from Seed for Free
Grow a nectarine -- or any stone fruit -- from seed! It's easy.