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three white plates with gold dots on them and the words ne, he, and ar
Exploring chemical bonding | SEP LESSONS
Exploring chemical bonding | SEP LESSONS
an object made out of plastic balls on a table
3 Dimensional Atom Projects
5th Grade Wit and Whimsy: 3 Dimensional Atom Projects
an open cardboard box with candy in the shape of a circle on top of it
Atom model- but with small pizza boxes
there are many balls in the center of this circular decoration with red and green beads
Andrew's model of a neon atom
a display in front of a window with purple and yellow circles on it, surrounded by green balls
Boron 3d Atomic Model
a box that has some kind of food inside of it with green and red toppings
Atom - in a pizza box. (It's just a picture, but still a great idea! It looks like they used gummy bears, but you could certainly use m&m's or another type of bite-sized candy.)
a paper plate with buttons on it next to an activity sheet for children's science class
Mixtures and Solutions!
Atom Model Project!!!!! Free Download
a white plate with red and blue pom - poms arranged in the center
Student made--Element model
Fun and delicious edible atom models! Wonderful early chemistry for kids! Montessori, Science Experiments Kids, Science For Kids, Chemistry Experiments
Chemistry for Kids: Edible Atom Models Science Experiment
Fun and delicious edible atom models! Wonderful early chemistry for kids!
a table with a sign that says carbon and some balls in the air on it
Carbon Atom 6th grade project.
a circular wooden frame with balls and felt flowers hanging from it's sides in front of a window
How to Make a 3D Model of a Carbon Atom
Most students learn about atoms and characteristics of the elements on the periodic table in middle and high school science classes. Consider choosing a simple atom, such as carbon, to represent through a hanging mobile 3D model. Although simple in structure, carbon and compounds containing carbon form the basis of all life. Making a 3D model of a...
an image of a ball bearing unit with the number n138 in it's center
Tungsten (W)
[Bohr Model of Tungsten]