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two dolphins playing with each other in the water's surface and caption that reads, dolphins will play with whales by lying on the whale's head while slowly raises
dolphin playing with whale wtf fun fact
the black panther is not a species but a memeanstic opposite to albinistic jaguar or leopard
the black panther wtf fun facts
a mountain lion with its mouth open on top of a rocky outcropping
Greenland Shark Facts
Wolf Protecting Mate, Psychotic Expression, Wolf Packs, Lup Singuratic, Haiwan Lucu, Wolf Quotes, She Wolf, Wolf Love, Animale Rare
_A Fighting Unit imgur A she-wolf hides under a male. She doesn't seem frightened by his opponent, but that's only because she trusts her partner and believes in his strength. Male wolves never attack a female, and she knows it. Why does she hide then? By doing this, the resourceful female protects her partner's throat against an attack. - America’s best pics and videos
an image of a bird with the caption black kites which are birds that delibetedly spread flies in australia by carrying burning twigs in their beaks
firehawks wtf fun fact