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a wooden rack with cans and cans on it's sides, holding several different types of spray paint
DIY Floating Ladder Shelf - With Plans - Anika's DIY Life
a work bench being built in a shop
a workbench made out of wood and some tools
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a red fire extinguisher sitting in the corner of a room under construction
a small blue air compressor in a wooden box with wheels on the floor and other items inside
a cat is sitting in the corner of a small room with its head sticking out
Soundproofing your compressor
a car being worked on in a garage with two lifters attached to the ceiling
The TOP TEN Garages/Shops We Found on Pinterest... Don't Judge...
there are many screws in the holder on the table
Big nuts align long skinny things
Mini Polishing Machine! 💥
How awesome is this? Get your very own polishing machine! It's the perfect tool for any handy man or woman. Polish all your materials in one go. It makes a perfect gift!