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various types of wood planks are shown in this graphic diagram, including the size and width
a person sitting on the ground next to some wood planks that have been cut into squares
brooklyn to west
several pieces of wood with black and white designs on them
The new AIMM collection is here! Reclaimed wood wall art that can be described as geometric, tribal, rustic or modern. Fun black, white and gold colors too!
an image of a wooden pattern with the date on it
pattern. No blatant chevrons, but still a geometric vibe while still being a little rustic.
a woman's legs in high heels standing on a herringbone tile floor
Terracotta Tile | Handmade Tile | Tabarka Studio
From our Zenati & Edri collection
an image of wood flooring that looks like it is made from different types of boards
SNAKE RANCH - valscrapbook: bjornsrandoms
Zenati & Edri collection
an aerial view of several roads in the desert, with no cars or people on them
a black and white photo of wood flooring with an interesting pattern on it's surface
Still or Sparkling | Yatzer
the floor is made up of herringbone tiles and has a fern growing on it
"Fougeres" French Oak chevron-parquet wood floors; Francois Co
a chair that is sitting on the floor
Zenati & Edri parquet
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place next to a white couch on top of a hard wood floor
Dallas Flooring Warehouse
Check out this unique wood floor pattern. Try for yourself and let us know how it goes.
a cat is sitting on the edge of a brick wall with wood planks in it
End Grain Tiles: Reclaimed Wood Floor & Wall Tiles in Auburn, NY :: Levanna Restoration Lumber
More About End Grain Tiles, Specialty Flooring - Levanna Restoration Lumber
the wood floor is made up of many different types of planks and has an interesting pattern on it
Parquet floor