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a tray with flowers painted on it next to other jewelry and accessories sitting on a bed
Painting more vases for Fridays restock 🌸🌷 This is one of my favourite colour palettes lately and is giving me all those spring vibes… | Instagram
a painting hanging on the wall with flowers painted on it
Shop — Sylvestris Botanics
Shop — Sylvestris Botanics
a glass dome with flowers under it on a table
there are many pictures on the wall with flowers in them and hanging from the ceiling
Blooms Brought To Life
an art work with red and orange petals in a wooden frame on a shelf next to a wall
Herbier unique - Herbier - Naturalissima
Herbier unique - Herbier - Naturalissima
a person holding up a piece of paper that has red flowers on it and leaves around it
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an image of flowers on a white background