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a hand holding a small embroidered ornament with red and white flowers on it
Glam World
a woman is holding a bottle in her hand while she's working on an embroidery project
My first time doing something other than flowers. Inspired by the nutcracker ballet
Nakış işlemeli lavanta kesesi
El nakışı işlemeli lavanta kesesi
an open book sitting on top of a table next to two pieces of fabric in the shape of teacups
three pink flowers with green leaves on a white background, embroideryed onto linens
a bag with flowers painted on it hanging from a wall next to a flower painting
three hand embroidered pictures of women in dresses and hats on wooden hoops with flowers
a cross stitch picture of a woman wearing a hat and holding a flower in her hand
a woman in a white dress with flowers on her head is shown through a hoop
an embroidered christmas tree ornament is shown in the hoop with gold beading
My little Christmas tree. : crafts in 2021 | Christmas embroidery, Embroidery christmas, Little chri
the needle is next to some green thread and a piece of fabric with a pine tree on it
This Ivy House
an embroidery project is being displayed on a white board with the words,'bernita - broderie '
two tags with lavender flowers on them
four small bags with lavender flowers on them
brodera lavendelkvistar och sy doftpåsar till garderoben (DIY + video) - Alicia Sivert
three embroidered mason jars with pink flowers on them
February 2020 | Idéias de bordado, Bordado livre, Desenhos bordados à mão
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