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a woman is doing an exercise with the words turn the core
This core exercise will TRANSFORM your golf swing NO MATTER age or ability
four different types of shoes are shown in black and white, with the words'middle iron
Slideshow: Arnold Palmer's Timeless Tips
a woman is doing yoga on a mat with the words goffersyoga 30 day challenge
Yoga for Golfers - Yoga With Adriene
(More) Ball position
Enhance your golfing skills by clicking the link in my profile. Let's drive your game to new heights!
Hinge and Hold - Kerry Maher
The Hinge and Hold is the golf swing’s most challenging shot, demanding a perfect blend of height and accuracy. This technique places emphasis on wrist hinge, granting you the elevation required for certain shots while holding it ensures precision. Maintaining your weight on the front foot stabilizes your stance, and lifting the heel on the back foot amplifies this positioning. Pointing at your target is the final key to alignment and execution. Delve deeper into golf mastery through my « Get Vertical Program » at Join our community of avid golf enthusiasts every Tuesday and Thursday for in-depth discussions, Q&A sessions, and overall skill enhancement. Let’s elevate the game of golf together! #GolfSkills #HingeAndHold #GolfMastery #GolfTechnique #GolfTips #GolfTraining
Don’t spin early
Learn To Chip Using 3 Styles
Are you a flicker?
This move kills your chip shot! BEWARE OF THE FLICKING ⛳️
Don’t golf with your head - Kerry Maher
⛳️ Golf tip of the day: Don’t swing with your HEAD!! Throughout the swing, your head should remain exactly at the same spot. So keep the head aka the anchor centered & let the arms FLY!! It’s a common mistake, but don’t worry, it’s an easy fix!
correct knee movement
an older woman swinging a golf club in a room with posters on the wall behind her
Never Hit Behind the Ball Again with this Drill
🪑Pull up a chair and get to work 🏌️
two women in a gym doing squats with the words perfect weight shift with the transition squat drill
Perfect Weight Shift with the Transition Squat Drill