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the instructions for how to crochet an umbrella with yarn and cotton threads
Joindre 2 bouts de laine comme le fait le marin au long cours
La méthode du joint russe permet de rassembler deux pelotes de laine de manière rapide, efficace et invisible. Trop pratique !
an abstract black and white image with lines in the middle, as if it were optical art
this isn't happiness.
an old rug is laying on the ground
Hmong Vintage Indigo Batik Cotton Fabric Handmade Tapestry | Etsy
Hmong Vintage indigo Batik Cotton Fabric, handmade tapestry textiles, hill tribal fabrics
a stack of colorful fabrics with flowers on them, all in different colors and patterns
a shower curtain covered in multicolored patchwork
Pour lámour du fil, Nantes 2014 and a finish
Quilt artist – Akiko Ike. The fabrics are sewn on a layer. You can read all about her in the Quiltmania number 100.
a blue and white fabric with birds on it
Spefanglar (Bird) (Furnishing Fabric) | The Art Institute of Chicago
Designed by Hans Krondahl (Swedish, born 1929) Originally marketed by Nordiska Kompaniet Re-introduced and marketed by Kinnasand AB, Sweden, Kinna Collection commissioned Yamagiwa Corp. for Livinia Store Japan, Tokyo Produced by Ljungbergs Textiltryck Sweden, Floda, Spefanglar (Bird) (Furnishing Fabric) 1959m reproduced 1985, Gift of Astrid Sampe 1986 to Art Institute of Chicago
Tyg Prickblomma Mona Björk Mölnlycke Tuppen 60 T Retro Nytt på Retro, Design, Collage, Vintage, Ceramics, Cupboard, Inspiration, Inredning, Bjork
Tyger | Köp & sälj begagnat & oanvänt på Tradera
Tyg Prickblomma Mona Björk Mölnlycke Tuppen 60 T Retro Nytt på
a blue and white pattern on a bed sheet with an image of houses in the background
Konstruktion, designed by Stig Lindberg for NK, Sweden. 1950s.
several different types of blankets stacked on top of each other, all in black and white
The textures and patterns in these blankets look so nice! Perfect for a cozy winter!
an orange, pink and red flower pattern on a black surface with holes in the center
Botto Labs
Botto textiles & print design from India....This guys are the gods of fabrics, creativity and color!!!
several cardboard houses are stacked on top of each other
The Oslo in my head
Oslo Towers - textile houses Freestanding houses -- see pictures farther into the blog post.