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four mason jars filled with white sand and lit candles on a tray in the living room
a woman sitting at a table in front of a christmas tree with ornaments hanging from it
Julpyssel med tapet | Andra Advent | Boråstapeter
cinnamon sticks wrapped in twine with a candle
The Easiest Holiday DIY: Cinnamon Stick Candles - Front Roe by Louise Roe
two bags filled with flowers sitting on top of a table
5 sätt att dekorera med hyacinter (Husligheter)
candles are lit in glass bottles with pine branches on the top and bottom, sitting on a shelf
Skandinavisk jul – den vackraste julen är naturligt grön (och vit)
a table topped with flowers and greenery next to a window filled with lit candles
DIY: 8 enkla och snygga juldekorationer
a wooden table topped with four metal buckets filled with moss and white candle holders
Vintage House