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a white cake with strawberries on it sitting on top of a glass platter
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a cake with white frosting and toppings on a plate
Rabarberpavlova med saltkolasås | Brinken bakar
a pile of blueberry muffins sitting on top of a metal rack next to berries
Bärmuffins med vit choklad
three desserts in small glass dishes on a table
Rabarberdessert med salt karamellmousse | Brinken bakar
a piece of pie on a white plate with a flower in the middle and a fork next to it
Krämig rabarbermarängpaj – Camilla Hamid
a baked pastry sitting on top of a table
Godaste kladdiga rabarberkakan - Niiinis Kitchenlife
a chocolate cake with raspberries and nuts on top, sitting on a plate
Salt kolamousse på kladdkaka
a white bowl filled with yogurt and rhubars on top of a table
Vit chokladkräm med inlagda rabarber
two plates with dessert items on them and spoons next to each other in front of the plate
Dessert med rabarber, kokos och brynt smörglass | Brinken bakar
two glasses filled with dessert sitting next to each other
Vit chokladmousse med blåbärsswirl - Niiinis Kitchenlife
a white bowl filled with food on top of a wooden table
Nyårsdessert 2018: Björnbär, vit choklad och mandel - Söders Gourmet
a white plate topped with food next to two bowls of lemons and a fork
Dessert med citroncheesecake, lemoncurd och mandelcrumble | Brinken bakar
two bowls filled with chocolate pudding and raspberries
Nutella- och kaffemousse | Krii's Kitchen
Christmas food