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the poster for tom tom klub's upcoming show is shown in green, yellow and pink
I like the bottom figure & the fire
an advertisement for the television show's cartoon character cat on tv screen with japanese characters in background
Space Leech
Takarajima magazine, 1978.
a book cover with the title sitting in the dark with strangers on it's front
muchwow // graphics
designeverywhere: “Sitting in the dark with Strangers ”
an old poster advertising angel brand
9 Cool Vintage Chinese Firecracker Labels
9 Cool Vintage Chinese Firecracker Labels - thanks to Copyranter on buzzfeed.com.
an old movie poster for the film's first appearance in 1970, featuring a woman laying on grass
two people are standing in front of a poster for the tokyo super kids'festival
Masami Kuroki
Taiko Super Kicks - Masami Kuroki
the poster for sweat it out in manchester on oct 28, 1989 with an image of a man dancing
Rough trade: How two brothers rose from gangsterland to create the
an advertisement for the hippodrome show