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Din have eller terrasse skal ikke snydes for noget lys. Brug derfor en masse fine lyskæder i dine træer og planter og snyd ikke dit bål for en lyskæde eller to.


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The old hanging-off-a-building trick. 104 rue d'Aubervilliers 75019 Paris
“Kub(or)” by La Mutuelle, Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou, Maxime Enrico, Dimitri Roussel, and Sonia Sifflet, from Paris, France  The project is a mirror ball split up and scattered in the space of the courtyard creating a game between shadow and light. A new roof of suspended cubes reflects, inverts and throws on the ground images of the courtyard and visitors.


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Halloween decoration-- styrofoam balls, draw on the eyes, cover with white cloth and hang from the ceiling using fishing twine and tape.

Magic Dayz

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Cardboard Shelter是日本Atelier OPA工作室为了震灾而设计的临时纸板帐篷。厚纸板之间通过卡榫连接,很快就可以自己搭建一个私人庇护所。
50 GARDENING ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS. These are so cool! I can't wait for Spring!
הכנת בית מקרטון xnet


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vosgesparis is an interior design blog with a focus on scandinavian design and ideas on decorating with minimal colour & maximum style.


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Organised by the Seattle Department of Transportation as part of the First Hill Public Realm Action Plan, the Street Scrabble tournament is a great example of participatory design, starting a conversation between policy makers and locals on how their everyday spaces can be improved to create better gathering spaces.
Street Scrabble tournament. - Organized by Seattle DOT to highlight lack of open space and potential use of street areas as gathering spaces.


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carpark_05 .. Could I design a parking like this???
Das museale Parkhaus - The museum parking garage by Rawcut Design Studio, via Behance
Ms Brown #sculpture at the M & M museum of #chocolate art - made out of milk chocolate by Jim Victor and Marie Pelton

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Copenhagen 2011 Title: Indigenous Artist: Joël Bigaignon Location: Kongens Nytorv
Minumum - Elefashion - Frederiksberg 2013
Junk de Luxe - Elefashion - Frederiksberg 2013


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#Rosa_Bandet  | #Fight_Breast_Cancer #umbrella
Pink Lego by ClassicCopenhagen(Sandra), via Flickr

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How to make FLOWER ICE CUBES Buy ice trays  for Big  ice cubes (they will last longer), fill 1/4 way up and add edible  flowers face down, freeze.  Add more water to fill 1/2 way then freeze.  Fill to top then freeze again.  Use diststilled water that has been boiled and cooled. This gives the ice cubes this very clear (not cloudy) appearance!  BEAUTIFUL for you and your guests!
Peacock Tutu Costume Pageant Party Portrait Dress with real Peacock Feathers Long Layers and Hair Piece Christmas Gift on Etsy, $155.00
Best cup cake arrangements

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Lyserød sneskovl  Lyserød sneskovl til bilen med skaft i aluminium.  Kr. 203,-. Mekonomen Autoteknik - ES Motor støtter kampen mod brystkræft.   Hjælp os med at hjælpe på  Vi tager ansvar - hvad tager du?

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Willy wonka tickets
Elephant Parade, Lindon 2010
"popcorn" cup cakes...made cupcakes like it said on box. frost with white vanilla cup cakes. and topped each one with 30 mini marshmallows, each cut 2/3 through and arranged them on top of cup cake. Final touch was to dust marshmallows with yellow colored sugar.

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Her hos JBS Undertøjet har vi valgt at lave et par lyserøde tights i str. XXXXXXXL. Vi er helt vild med at Giroen er kommet til byen, og har også valgt at støtte op om "Cycling for all" - det store motionsløb der køres lørdag den 5. maj

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Yarn bombing at Occidental Park, Seattle - photo from Artbook's Facebook page
Ralph Pucci Mannequins on Show at Joe Fresh (Kenny Scharf was commissioned by Ralph Pucci to design a mannequin in 2000.)
#SuperBowl #party idea: #Popcorn bar - Read more:

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Love this! 10 Gorgeous 'Pink' Beauty Products That Support Breast Cancer Research
Chic Pink Ear Buds (on sale for $5.00) For Breast Cancer Awareness
Sengetøj der støtter brysterne

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Tasker der støtter.

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Bloomingdale’s Big Pink Umbrella    Look fabulous and stay dry while carrying this classic black umbrella highlighted with bright pink ribbons on the underside. For each umbrella sold, Bloomingdale’s will donate $6 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.    To buy: $12, for stores.    Featured October 2011
Breast Cancer Awareness Beauty Buys

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AutoTex Pink PLUS- An Actual PINK COLORED Wiper Blade - A portion of the proceeds is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (U.S) / the Breast Cancer Society of Canada
Oakley COMMIT SQ - Støt Brysterne Edition
Breast Cancer Awareness products

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