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the letters are made out of rocks and have different shapes, sizes, and colors
a child is holding an ice tray with pine cones and plants in it on the grass
Metsäretkellä oppilaat keräsivät näytteitä luonnosta kananmunakennoihin. (Alkuopettajat FB -sivustosta /Eeva Hiltunen)
three paper jellys hanging from strings in the shape of octopuses with faces on them
two green fish made out of paper with googly eyes hanging from it's sides
four different pictures of paper mache animals and one is wearing a shirt and tie
colorful sailboats are hanging from the branches of a tree branch, and they're made out of driftwood
a cake shaped like a pirate's chest with gold trimmings on it
Pyssel: Skattkista av äggkartong
Pyssel: Skattkista av äggkartong
four different views of an origami bird with scissors on the bottom and inside
Handmade Pride
Vullen met ets lekkers.
a close up of a piece of cloth with a metal hook on the end and two strings attached to it
Vänskapsarmband - Pysselguiden
five yellow emoticions with hearts and eyes are lined up
DIY Emoji Ornaments
These emoji ornaments are totally fun and a cinch to make! What’s great about this project is that I recently found a new simple way to make yarn pom poms.