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an image of someones hand with tattoos on it and the other hand has two deer heads
Home - Tattoo Spirit
All types of skulls - I love this! Maybe not the placement, but still a great idea!
the back of a woman's shoulder with tattoos on her left arm and chest
Shoulder Lotus Tattoo
a woman's stomach with a rose tattoo on her lower body and the bottom part of her stomach
How To Care For My New Tattoo
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an envelope with a flower on it and the words f u k off written in black ink
A different sort of love letter. Simple but efficient message:)
a black and white snake tattoo on the arm
MenBurnStars - snake tattoos @ mirko sata na Tattoos ♥ ※ ∞ - Zszywka.pl
Zobacz zdjęcie MenBurnStars - snake tattoos @ mirko sata w pełnej rozdzielczości
a black and white drawing of a skeleton with the words die high on it
No Guts No Glory: Photo
Lesane Parish Crooks : Photo
a man with a skeleton tattoo on his back holding a stick and wearing a striped shirt
'Nightmare Before Christmas' Tattoos You'll Totally Want
There aren't that many Christmas movies that can spur legions of fans to go out and get a tattoo honouring their undying love for their chosen film. (Except...
Dinosaurs – Kindergarten Nana
some type of black and white drawing with different designs on it's sides, including letters
Traditional Work