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there is a collage of different toys on the table and in front of it
Recept; Playdoh, trolldeg, slime, papier mache massa samt färgad sand, ris och pasta
2014 372
three cards with pictures of children's food and words in pink on the front
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three cards with cartoon characters on them, one in pink and the other in green
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an image of the frog bookmarks for children's literature and reading skills, with text
four cards with pictures of children's rooms and rainbows
the number 8 with eight green monsters on it
the number ten sign is made up of red cartoon characters with hands and feet on each side
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the number six is surrounded by five little cartoon figures in black and white with pink eyes
the number five is shown with birds flying in front of it's 5 letter formation
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the number four is for flying animals
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the number three is purple and has two monsters on it
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there are many different bottles on the counter top with one empty bottle in the middle
a pink jellyfish made out of candy and beads
livro de pano passo a passo - Google Search
several handprints are displayed on the wall
a close up of a paper plate with a cartoon character on it's face