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a hand holding a cup with watermelon painted on the side and black dots
a cross stitch pattern with the grin from the movie, how to train your dragon
timundvin's DIY
a cross stitch pattern with blue and green flowers in the middle, on white background
HamaBeads Plants vs Zombies
a small pixel art flower in a pot on the side of a building with it's petals sprouting out
a potted plant sitting next to a sign that says water and a pixel art piece
a heart made out of colored squares on a piece of paper with the word love written in it
Checkered Heart Art Project | Proyectos de arte de escuela, Libro de artista, Dibujos sencillos
a refrigerator covered in lots of different types of magnets on the side of it
a cross stitch pattern with red and white flowers
Mario Flower Kandi Pattern
an image of a cross made out of squares
Etoile Super Mario en Perle HAMA (Mini) - Le blog de Miss Kawaii
two potted plants that have been made out of legos
Mario Bros : la super star des perles Hama - Modèles Hama
the word brick spelled out in red and white letters on top of a lego board