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a creepy doll in a frame on top of a table
PFDF2012-27 Martinez
a small figurine wearing a top hat
Current Exhibition
Cassia Harries – Dr. Gris
an orange and black dragon ornament hanging from a chain on a wooden table
Jaguar dragon, fantasy creatur, sculpt a dragon, sculpture, figure, figurine, polymer clay
a doll with black hair and red eyes
Julien Martinez’s ‘Ankolyne’ Munny
via Julien Martinez’s ‘Ankolyne’ Munny
an odd looking stuffed animal with big eyes and no head is shown in this image
I Will Punish Whoever Made These Weird Creatures Sad
I Will Punish Whoever Made These Weird Creatures Sad | The Creators Project
Mood For Fantasy1 Vogue, Beautiful Dolls, Fantasy Doll, Fantasy Photography, Doll Japan, Enchanted, Vogue Japan, Vogue Japan Beauty, Marina Bychkova
Marina Bychkova Vogue Japan 2012
Mood For Fantasy1
a doll is dressed in white and has feathers on it's head, as well as a crown
Dorote Zaukaite
a statue is shown with its wings spread out
Forest Rogers
a woman dressed in black and red sitting on top of a rock with two swords
a woman with horns and bells on her head
ArtStation - Explore
a woman with her arms stretched out and hands in the air while wearing an elaborate costume
a woman with red hair and butterflies on her head is wearing a costume made of feathers
Virginie Ropars (28 Images)