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an illustration of two people in the woods
Trollskogen by JohnBauer
an old black and white drawing of a bear sitting on a rock in the woods
Theodor Kittelsen, Mother, there's an Old Woman Coming – Nasjonalmuseet – Collection
an illustration of a woman sitting on a horse with a bird perched on her head
Flights of Fancy — Illustration: John Bauer
an image of a man riding on the back of a horse in the night sky
John Bauer "The Ring' by Helena Nyblom 1914
an image of a woman surrounded by monsters
Concept art for 1937's Snow White is gorgeous in its own right
an image of a woman in a cave
an image of a painting with people in the background and stars above them on a night sky
Kay Nielsen – part 2
two statues standing next to each other in front of a window with stars on the sky
John Bauer - part 7
the giant monster is surrounded by men on horses
nope, wrong way. turn around
a man standing on top of a hill next to a giant creature
"Greetings Traveler" Digital, 1152x648 px
Fantasy Art, Creature Concept Art, Gusu, Creature Concept, Dark Fantasy Art, Epic Art
yo bro is it safe down there in the woods? yeah man it's cool Pillow Sham by Tomislav Jagnjic
a drawing of a girl holding a hair dryer in her hands and standing on rocks
Agneta and the Sea King
an image of a woman in the dark
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