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an image of some bows and hearts on a white background with the words canva written in
Thread Bow | Canva Element Keyword
set:nAF7WwS2qfY #canva #bow #ribbon
an image of a colorful background with birds and lanterns
Hanging Islamic Lantern | Canva Element Keyword
set:nAF6y2PtLAQ #canva #canvaelement #canvakeyword #design
an image of some type of electronic devices with different shapes and sizes, including the letters can
Cute UI Frame | Canva Element Keyword
set:nAF4Wt3_J2s #canva #canvaelement #canvakeyword #cute #design #ui #frame #border
an open notebook with stickers on it and the words port flio written in spanish
PORTFOLIO 2020 - Illustration and Graphic Design
a poster with green and black graphics on the side of it, including an image of a
Data Visualization Projects :: Photos, videos, logos, illustrations and branding
the beehive info sheet is shown with information about bees, honeys and other things
the statistics of dreams info sheet
Revised Infographic Comp #1
an advertisement for barbie's ice cream shop with various items on the front and back
Canva Elements Barbie Edition | Dreamy Soft Painterly Holographic | set:nAFU5WnvxKs
an image of a brochure that is designed to look like it has many different images
Brugge city branding