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two pictures show the inside and outside of a house with wood floors, brick walls, and an open floor plan
Night Sky House / Peter Stutchbury Architecture
The Night Sky House, constructed from recycled bricks, was designed to provide accessibility and panoramic views of the night sky. The sustainability features such as photovoltaic panels and rainwater harvesting enhance its eco-friendly design. #ArchitectureProjects #ArchitecturalDesign #ModernArchitecture #ArchitecturalInspiration #ArchitecturalPhotography #Housedesign #Brickhouse #Brickarchitecture
Download the Milan Design Week 2024 City Guide
The time has come: our city guide for Milan 2024 is finally off the press and available for free to all visitors! 🚀 Our curated city guide features all must-see showrooms, selected locations, fringe events, architectural tips and recommendations for other key happenings. Illustrations by Nicolas Castagnola Track: Gotcha by Pure
Milan Architecture City Guide
The Gothic cathedral of Duomo Di Milano by Simone da Orsenigo is the centerpiece of Milan’s skyline. Zaha Hadid Architects’ distinctive Generali Tower features an undulating, curvilinear #design that challenges traditional notions of high-rise #buildings. Each one of Milan’s #architectural masterpieces is a testament to its history and innovation. Discover these architectural wonders and much more in our Architecture City Guide at #WorldTourismDay #cityguide #architecture
Berlin Architecture City Guide
Explore the architecture of #Berlin! From the futuristic #design of the cube berlin Smart Office Building, where innovative concepts merge to redefine the workplace of tomorrow, to the historical Neue Nationalgalerie, an #architectural masterpiece by Mies van der Rohe, Berlin offers a mesmerizing blend of old and new. Discover these architectural projects and many more in our City Guide at #WorldTourismDay #cityguide #architecture