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There is nothing difficult for you in the
there are three different types of metal items in this photo and the text says salt water etching on metal
Salt Water Etching - an easy DIY technique
an image of different types of waves in the ocean with text below it that reads, diagram 7 example of good and bad mjg wets
Basic Welding --
some diagrams showing different types of materials and their functions in the construction of an object
Welding Symbols: Basics & Meanings Explained
a metal frame with rivets and holes on it
a close up of a metal object with paint on it and a needle in the middle
18 Perfect Welds That You Didn't Even Know You'd Find Satisfying
a metal sculpture on top of a wooden table
a metal snake sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a motor bike tire
Modern, Magical And Memorable Metal Art - Bored Art
a metal sculpture sitting on top of a table
Metal Art - Jean Pierre Augier Sculpture works...
a metal plate with an image of a skeleton on it