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a woman standing in front of a white toilet covered in water and clouds above it
Beneath the Surface Blog | Design Inspiration | GPI Design
several people standing in the middle of a dark room with light coming from behind them
Photos: First Look at Ethan Hawke, Anne-Marie Duff & More in MACBETH on Broadway
Photo Flash: First Look at Ethan Hawke, Anne-Marie Duff & More in MACBETH on Broadway
three different views of the same object in this image, one is an abstract structure and the other has a rainbow colored light coming from it
Rainbow Church by Tokujin Yoshioka Tokujin Yoshioka'a Rainbow Church, 26 ft high installation made of 500 crystal prisms. “I experienced a space filled with the light of Matisse: Being bathed in the sunlight of the Provence, the stained glass with Matisse’s vibrant colors suffused the room with full of colors. Since then, I had been dreaming of designing an architecture where people can feel the light with all senses."
an art gallery with multiple colored glass cubes in the center and windows on either side
Gallery of Future Materiality Pavilion / Pravda Bureau - 5
Future Materiality Pavilion / Pravda | ArchDaily
two deer standing in the middle of a leafy area with trees and leaves around them
Best of 2014: Top 10 Fine Art Photos
Deer from the perspective of the leaf. I like this photo because it is shot from a creative angle. I like the leading lines and shapes that are included in this photo.
a snowy path in the woods at night with light coming through trees and snow on the ground
6 Most Magical Places to Visit on Earth | Fascinating Places To Travel
a river surrounded by snow covered trees and bushes on either side with water running through it
Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you....Ephesians 4:32
the sun shines through the trees on a snowy path in the woods at night
Winter’s light