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I love the colours and the mis-matched gloves! Empire, Portraits, Armor Clothing, Fantasy Armor, Medieval Fantasy, High Fantasy
The Brass Coast leadership - Empire
I love the colours and the mis-matched gloves!
the instructions for how to make a hooded hood
Michaela Želonková - Her Crochet
Michaela Želonková - Her Crochet
a statue of a man dressed in red and gold with his hands on his hips
PHOTOS: Emmy-Worthy Costumes On Display At FIDM
a man wearing sunglasses and a headdress sitting next to a tea pot on top of a table
Koroneburg Renaissance Festival 2012/05/26 | Koroneburg Renaissance Festival
Koroneburg Renaissance Festival
an old man with a long beard wearing a turban and standing in front of other people
Sumbhajee Angria
Sumbhajee Angria was the Pirate Lord of the Indian Ocean and Terror of the Arabian Sea. Residing in a palace in India, presumably Bombay, Sumbhajee used the honorific "Sri" and was known as a Hindu Priest. Sri Sumbhajee was one of many who assembled at Shipwreck Cove for the meeting of the Fourth Brethren Court. Not much is known about Sumbhajee's early life, except that he was the son of Kanhoji Angria, the notorious Indian privateer who fought against the East India Trading Company for...
steampunk arab | steampunk pirate - arabian influences Clothes, Fantasy Fashion, Costume Design, Cool Outfits, Mode Steampunk, Clothes Design
steampunk arab | steampunk pirate - arabian influences