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a person's hand holding an electric guitar in front of a white wall with black hands on it
GuitarGrip - Guitar Wall Hangers and Mounts that Hang your Instrument
an electric guitar in a wooden case mounted on the wall next to a small table and bookshelf
The ShowCase™ Deluxe Guitar Display Case
two pieces of wood sitting next to each other
Guitar Hangers with Solid Black Walnut – Free Design Plans
a wooden object sitting on top of a black cloth
a wooden instrument hanging on the wall with strings attached to it's back end
Loog Guitars Accessories
three guitars are mounted to the wall with their names on them, and there is also a guitar rack
Personalized Wall Mount Custom Headstock Shapes in Espresso - Classical Mount
an electric guitar mounted to the side of a wall in a wooden frame with a light on it
two ukuleles are hanging on the wall next to a potted green plant
Handmade Guitar Hooks. Made in USA