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starfish paper hats for kids to make with their own hands and headbands
Starfish Paper Hats Printable Template – Easy Peasy and Fun Membership
Starfish Paper Hat Template
colorful wooden blocks with the words alphabet and letters written on them in different colors, shapes and sizes
Alphabet Sensory Activities | Mommy Evolution
Alphabet Sensory Activities from A to Z | Mommy Evolution
some art work is laying out on the table
Henri Matisse Printable Activity Sheets
Create art inspired by Henri Matisse with our fun and easy printable activity sheets. Perfect for homeschooling or use in an educational setting.
two children are playing with a cardboard city map on the floor while one child is holding a toy car
Create a mini town for your toy cars to drive around!
Use our ROADS & VEHICLES printable to create your own town map for your toy cars to drive around. This printable is available as part of our 'Roads, Vehicles & Machines' printable activity bundle. The bundle also includes the following projects: Create a town with roads for your cars to drive along. Make a 3D cardboard box town Build an imaginary machine Build cardboard cars and buses to play with. Activities suitable for 3-7yrs. Available to download now from MINIMADTHINGS.COM
a glass filled with lots of different colored pops
Popsicle Sensory Bottle
Welcome to a refreshing sensory experience with our Popsicle Sensory Bottle inspired by the playful, colorful world of frozen treats!
kids are playing with play dirt in the process of making their own sand art project
DIY Kid-Safe Play Dirt. Indoor Sensory Fun! | Mommy Evolution
DIY Kid-Safe Play Dirt. Indoor Sensory Fun! | Mommy Evolution
three dragonflys made out of colored paper on a blue background, one has a child's face and the other has wings
Fun fairy crafts
Make these cute wooden spoon faries to play with using our MYTHS & MAGIC printable activity bundle. The Myth & Magic activity bundle includes lots of magical projects to make at home; a cardboard fairy forest, unicorns, imaginary myhtical creatures, magic wands and faries. Get creative at home with our fun kids printable activity sheets, available to download now from MINIMADTHINGS.COM
a hand holding up some stickers with animals on them and the words printable puppets sea animals
Printable Sea Animal Puppets (PDF Template)
Dive into an ocean of creativity with our enchanting summer crafts for kids featuring printable sea animal puppets! This engaging ocean animals finger puppets PDF template lets little ones bring their favorite underwater creatures to life, inspiring hours of imaginative play, storytelling, and hands-on fun as they explore the wonders of the deep blue sea.
four cards with the words summer steam challenges on them in front of some green grass
Get outside and play while you have fun with some science, technology, engineering, art and math! These FREE Summer STEAM Challenges are a perfect way to prevent the dreaded summer brain drain factor or just to have a good time this summer. Plus, they’re super easy to set up and most use supplies you already have on hand because who needs complicated during summer break?! #ad #stem #steam
an upside down water table is shown with the words mystery water table on top and below it
Mystery Water Table - Happy Toddler Playtime
Mystery Water Table - Happy Toddler Playtime
a collage of photos showing how to make a velcro roller painting sensory fun
Sensory Seeking fun with Rollers! - The Empowered Educator
Easy sensory activity with velcro rollers - This sensory play activity is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to have some sensory fun while practicing fine motor skills. It's easy to set up with dollar store velcro rollers and recycled trays. | The Empowered Educator
a cardboard rocket ship next to a cardboard box with a paper cut out of it
Space Rocket and Jet pack
By Eleanor Ford A spaceship? A pair of butterfly wings or even a dinosaur? Anything’s possible with cardboard! Unleash your families imagination and enjoy endless hours of creative fun with the wonderful craft projects that all start with the humble cardboard box. Adventures in Cardboard features 16 upcycled craft proj
art work displayed on wooden table with various pictures
Learn about artists with our printable activity sheets
Head to MINIMADTHINGS.COM to download a range of fun printables all about famous artists.
two fish made out of paper with the words fun woven fish printable activity sheets
WOVEN FISH - printable activity sheets for kids.
Create your own colourful woven fish crafts using the templates from our ocean printable activity sheets. This project is part of our 'Ocean World' activity pack which includes an ocean collage, an underwater diorama, woven fish and a mermaid collage craft projects. Come check out our range of printable activity sheets for kids, available to download from MINIMADTHINGS.COM
FUN Halloween Craft That Makes You Giggle FREE Printable Paper Craft Template Spooky Activity Kids
This spooky Halloween craft is excellent for young kids, and with the free HALLOWEEN craft printable, it is also perfect for classroom use, preschool, or kindergarten. Visit our blog for more craft details on the pumpkin or ghost! What I love about this simple craft activity is that it displays emotions in an easy-to-understand way with a fun twist that will make you both giggle.