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a ladder is standing in front of a floral wall mural
Beautiful handdrawn floral black and white wall mural | “finished our wall project today & it's safe to say we probably will be taking a break from using sharpie markers for a while! #weareworkshop”
an info sheet with different types of logos and colors on the bottom right hand corner
Student Collaboration Platforms
These student collaboration platforms allow students to do several things as a group! From creating video content to developing surveys and quizzes, your students will hve plenty of ways to work together to create something amazing!
a wall hanging made out of rolls of toilet paper in a room with a blue stool and potted plant
Oh So Pretty! Ombre Paper Chain Wall Art
Oh So Pretty! Ombre Paper Chain Wall Art
rules for teachers to use in their classroom posters, signs, and other teaching materials
School Teacher's Poster - SRF
I made this for myself and really love it! Simply type over each line and you have one of my popular teacher products that will hopefully work well for you also ... ; ) Thanks so much. Please visit often and tell your friends! Sharon Rhea Ford, NBCT-Art (*) Oh, I always use semi gloss or higher stock on my own!
there is a desk and chair in the room with many bookshelves on the wall
Custom Teacher Desk Organizers | Organized Classroom
the tattle rules for kids to use
A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue Book Study & Tattle Rules Poster
A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue is a good book for the beginning of the school year. It's great for teaching your students the difference between tattling and reporting. This literacy companion pack is packed with activities that are engaging and standards based. #backtoschool #tattletongue #kindergarten #1stgrade