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an image of a frog with snow on its head and hands in front of him
This is what an Alaskan tree frog looks like. It freezes in winter, stopping its heart, then thaws in spring.
a group of lions walking down a dirt road next to a truck with people in the back
Singita Blog - Stories, Updates and More | Singita
an animal that is sitting on a tree branch
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
an orange and green lizard with large eyes
an antelope eating grass in the wild
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two small animals standing next to each other on the ground
Weird But Adorable: Cute 'Mouse Deer' Explores The World For The First Time
a person feeding a small animal with a white plate in their hand on top of a pink towel
300 Years Ago, This Tiny Polka-Dotted Creature Ruled The Land. Now? Terrible.
two pictures of a baby mouse being held in someone's hand, and the other shows
Baby Quoll
a lizard that is climbing up the side of a brick wall with it's tail hanging down
Random Pictures Of The Day - 36 images
an animal with horns walking through the woods
🔥 Takins are powerful beasts that rival the Muskox as the largest of the subfamily Caprinae. It's Buthan's national animal and there are four recognized subspecies, one of them being the Golden Takin, which is believed to have inspired the greek legend of the Golden Fleece. 🔥