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a painting of houses and trees with blue sky in the background by artist susan grisell
City Digs Art Print by Karla Gerard
a painting of colorful houses on a hill
Needlepoint Canvas 14 or 18 Count Day's Gone By by Lori | Etsy
four circular coasters with colorful designs on them
Oh Christmas Tree QAL • STEP 3
ohchristmastree3_flowers2 source: Occasional Piece
an image of flowers in the grass with sunbursts on it's side
Autumn glow - Textile mixed media by Christine Pettet Art
a painting with houses and a bird on the top of it in a black frame
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a painting of white flowers on green paper
Yarrow | I painted the background in a similar way as the Me… | Flickr
four little birds are standing together in the same pattern on white paper, each with different colors
three red and yellow flowers are on a wooden board with black dots in the center