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a drawing of a woman in armor holding two swords and standing on top of a shield
Yngvild, in Mitch Foust's 2018 Yearbook Comic Art Gallery Room
a drawing of a woman with two swords on her shoulder and an eagle in the background
Amelina by MitchFoust on DeviantArt
Amelina by MitchFoust.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
a woman's thigh with a fairy sitting on top of the moon and stars
my fairy tattoo 🫶🏼
Ideas, Fictional Characters, Tattoos For Women, Female, Character, Shoulder
Female Crusader Tattoo Monochrome by scrubbyink on DeviantArt
a tattoo design with flowers and a wizard's hat on the top of it
Coloured with Everblend marker, gel pen and coloured pencil from artwork downloaded from Pinterest
a drawing of a woman's face with wings and a compass on her neck
Viking Symbol Tattoos you'll Love! (and their Meaning)
Viking Symbol Tattoo (and their Meaning) | Viking-Store™
Viking Warrior, Viking Woman
a drawing of a woman holding a knife and an arrow in her hand with the caption